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Monday, May 30, 2011

Digression - Sign Accessible News

I have not watched little to no TV since I got here.  I did find a place to watch the Champions League Final on Saturday.  What a brilliant display by Barca, ran circles around Man U.  The game sparked another Maradona vs Messi debate in all the papers around here.  Speaking of which, Messi had an amazing game but people should really watch how Xavi dominated the midfield and directed the whole course of the game, genius play by that man.

Anyways, I ended up having a bit of a slow day today because I am getting ready to leave.  I turned the TV on in my room and was flipping though the 4 channels I have when I found the news, informative way to practice my Spanish.  What I was surprised by is that they had a little box in the corner where someone was signing.  Because of that I thought is was just one of those "news you need to know in 1 min" type of things.  But as I continued watching I realized that this was the full blown news hour.  I was really impressed with whoever is producing this program.  I have never seen something like this in the states. 

The whole event came at an interesting time as just the other day I had finished reading Dies the Fire: A Novel of the Change, a brilliant alternate history, post-apocalyptic, si-fi/fantasy novel by S. M. Stirling.  Which I just found out is actually the first "The Emberverse" series, so this really has thrown a wrench into my proposed summer reading schedule.  Thanks a lot Angela! lol  I needed to get back to some fiction though and this was a great way for me to explore something outside of my normal Dragonlance series.  So, a serious thank you.

The reason this is relevant is that one of the main characters, Juniper (or should I say Lady Juniper head of Clan Mackenzie), has a daughter, Eilir, who is deaf and there are a lot of references to signing in the book.

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