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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 1 Phoenix - Fort Stockton (683.6 miles)

I talked with Paul the day before and we decide to met at the I-10 and Riggs.  I had packed about 5 times already but still repacked that night.  I could not sleep much as I had spent so much energy preparing for the trip I just wanted to get going.

And here we go....
I left at 6 to meet him at the agreed location at 6:30.
This is Paul.  He is a 56 year old ex-fisherman, he used to work of the coast of California and then Alaska (from his stories those discovery channel´s "Deadliest Catch" is pretty much right on).  He is making this trip because he found a great deal on the DR650 behind him, only 90 miles on it.  The only problem for him was that is was in Colorado, did I mention he lives in Panama?  He was stopping in Arizona to see his mother and daughter.  We found each other on horizons unlimited's forum called The HUBB under the "travelers seeking travelers" section and decided since we are both heading the same direction we would enjoy the company.  

We headed out right on time and stopped to eat in Tucson.  I have not eaten in a Denny's since high school when you were too young to go to a bar and that was the only place to hangout late at night.  I remember why...

With "something" in our stomachs we topped off the tanks and jumped on the I-10, we had a long way to go if we were going to make it to Fort Stockton for the night.

There really isn't much to say about his section of the trip (or pictures, as I had not yet devised a way to have my camera accessible while riding, it will come), here are some "things of note":

  • Lordsburg, New Mexico has a suprisingly large wine industry
  • K-Bob's Steakhouse in Fort Stockton has a suprisingly good selection of foreign beer
  • Motel 6 has done a really good job renovating their hotels
That is all, I told you there was not much to say.  Lots of straight roads with a flat terrain

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