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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 3 McAllen (0 miles)

Due to the fact that Paul and I wanted to get as far from the border as fast as possible once we got into Mexico and that we had quite a few things to do on our bikes we decided it would be best to take a day off to relax and prep (the 1270 miles over the last two days were motivation enough to take a rest day).

Paul changed his tires and oil.  I had brought my tire iorns which include a 16" curved iron that made the whole process much easier.  I must thank my friend Eddy for his recommendation of this tool, I have had it for a while now and it has paid for itself many times over with its ease of use. 
Fricka was in great shape so I just did some cleaning checking for loose bolts and repacking.  I was getting a bit of sunburn on my face and you could see the marks were my glasses were when I took them off.  Pual had a product called Super-Visor that is actually made by someone out of Sedona, AZ.  It was working well to keep the sun off of his face but as we were on the move and couldn´t just find one of these at a store he had another suggestion. . . electrical tape. . . how does that work?

It looks ridiculous but it works brilliantly.  I had to do some testing to figure out the right amount and placement to get maximum sun blocking with minimum vision impairment. 

I also got myself a cheapy electronic tranlsator as it would save space both while traveling and walking around a town as compared to a book.  Its a Franklin from Radioshack, only $20.  They go up to $100+ but I did not want to worry about losing or breaking something like that when this one seems to have all the same or very similar functionality.  Can´t remember who gave it to me but some sound advice that was passed along to me I will pass along to you: When traveling, never bring something you are not prepared to lose.

Other than that we just relaxed, ate, drank, and got ready for the next day when we would cross the border.

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