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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


All is well down in the pennisula. I have been quite busy as I have arrived at a particularly eventful time at the village. Here is a brief list of what I have been up to.

- Birthday party (speaking of which Happy Birthday Mom)
- Elections for the village "mayor" (which actually took place twice as there was a discrepency in the first count which resulted in someone getting thown into the village jail for hitting someone in the head with a rock, and this is with a law banning the selling of alcohol on election days)
- A ritual involving rain
- A trip though the jungle to an unexcavated Mayan site and its accompanying cenote
- A 3 day ritual involving rain that included participating in the slaughtering, butchering, cooking, and eating of several pigs and chickens (pics to come)
- A mutitude of small gatherings of friends just drinking, eating, and conversing

I will try to capture one of the rituals in writing to share with you but I must admit that the descriptive narrative of these events does little to capture what I am actually interested in. It is hard to capture relationships in words and pictures (of which I have not taken many during my time in the village).

In addition to the descriptive piece I am preparing a more theoretical piece that will hopefully explain why I feel a purly decriptive, this is what happened and this is who did it, chronicle of my experiences, and those who participated in them with me, is inadequate for my interests anthopologically. And beyond that just as a human being.

When I get back to traveling the descriptions with resume as they had but as for my time spent with other human beings it is far from adequate...

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  1. THANK You for the Birthday wish ~
    Love you Richard