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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I made it to Merida today.  I hit the archeological sites of Edzna, Sayil, Kabah, and Uxmal on the way.  The computer at the hostel I am staying at is having some trouble handling the camera so hopefully I can have pics and a post up in a day or so.  Hope all is well wherever you are reading this from.

***Update in the update***

Found a way to get the pics up.  It is a bit tedious so I will be posting them on flickr one site at a time.  First up Edzná.  Sayil and Kabah up now. Uxmal up now.  That is all of them, but it turns out you can only have 200 pics on a free Flickr account (had to cut a few repetitive ones out, but there are a lot more pics I would like to share than are available for you to see right now).  I am debating whether to open a few other free accounts or spring for the upgrade.

1 comment:

  1. That's quite an adventure you and Fricka are on! It's great to see all of the pictures and hear your stories. Good luck with your writing. Do you feel that being immersed in Spanish will alter the way you transcribe your thoughts?

    -Spencer R